CV & Career history

I have a high regard for the Accounting and Auditing Profession and its value to the development of sound business practices and ethical business leaders. Below a brief career history:


CA (SA) Qualification 

1995-1998: Complete and pass a B Com Accounting degree and a B Com Accounting Honours degree (Certificate in Theory of Accounting), both the 1st time at the University of Johannesburg (then RAU).

1999-2001: Complete trainee accountant articles in the entrepreneurial services audit division of Deloitte Johannesburg. Clients include medium to listing clients in all industries. From 2nd year of articles appointed to accountant-in-charge for audits. This is normally allocated to 3rd year trainee accountants.

Pass the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA) qualifying exam Part 1. Complete and pass the Advanced Certificate in Auditing, a pre-requisite to write the IRBA PPE (SAICA qualifying exam Part 2).

Pass both SAICA qualifying exams the 1st time, qualify as a Chartered Accountant (SA) from 2002,and become a member of SAICA

2002:          Consult in the corporate tax division of Deloitte Johannesburg, doing tax accrual reviews for State Owned Companies, listed companies and Pty Ltd companies.



Passionate about developing CA (SA) students and believe education can instil a culture of financial stewardship and moral intelligence.

2003-2006: Lecturer, Tutor and course coordinator for Financial Accounting 1 & 2 at Monash SA and WITS. During this period research and write 10 papers and present 2 papers at International conferences on Accounting Education in South Africa and receive a Master’s Degree Cum Laude from UJ on assessment methods in Financial Accounting. Contribute, as co-author, to a chapter in an International book on the impact of globalization of accounting standards in South Africa.

2007-2011: Research the professional skills of the CA (SA): write 20 articles (1500-3000 words each) for the Accountancy SA magazine, record 23 MP3 audio talks (20-30 minutes each), present on Media Chartered Accountant Television (SAICA subscription channel on DSTV) on this research and publish in a book by Knowledge Resources on mentoring CA (SA) s in the workplace.

Develop and implement a coaching program for CA (SA) students and trainee accountants, aligned with the professional skills competencies of the SAICA training model. SAICA, Investec and Nedbank invest in this program.

Develop a training program: Personal Financial Leadership. Present this country wide for Standard Bank Group Physical Security Employees and Village Main Reef Interns.

2013:           Sessional Lecturer and Tutor for Auditing 1 at Monash SA. Utilised the e-learning platform Moodle effectively for student-learning. Reviews from students and HOD were positive. The auditing subject had the highest marks in 2nd year.

2016:             Lecture and tutor for Accounting 1 & 2 at WITS. During this period received an ethical clearance certificate from WITS Higher Research Ethics Committee to conduct a study with Prof. George Kester from Washington Lee University (USA) to survey listed South African companies regarding their views and practices in the areas of capital structure policy, dividends, capital budgeting and cost of capital.



Passionate about sound financial accounting and management that grows sustainable SME’s. Contributed to such an SME, from a start-up sole trader business to a governed Private Company, that has been approached by potential buyers including a listed company.

2007-2014:Start a clothing business with Zimbabwean partner and supply clothes to Big Blue; explore direct selling and in 3 months become one of the 10 top selling Virgin Cosmetics consultants; start an image consulting business and do work for 1st Solutions at SA Express, Investec and ABSA.

Join husband’s start-up leadership training business as 50% shareholder and director. Build and transform business into a governed private company and SME with 10 employees that has been approached by potential buyers, which is not often heard of in the highly competitive education sphere that is flooded with start-ups that fail. Responsibilities included setting up and doing all Finance functions and setting up systems and procedures for the sound governance of a SME training business.

2014-date    Join Monash SA’s Finance team as Financial Manager (owned 75% by Laureate based in Baltimore USA and 25% by Monash Australia). Responsibilities include doing all Finance functions and setting up systems and procedures for the sound governance of the Property Company, Laureate South Africa Pty Ltd (100% subsidiary of Laureate Intl. BV in Netherlands).

Management Accounting: systems were put in place for Financial Budgeting, comparison of monthly budgets to actual performance of business, variance analysis and suggestions and conservative cash flow management.

Financial Accounting and Reporting: systems and software were put in place for debtors invoicing, creditors and payments, banking, reconciliations, provisions, fixed asset management and financial reporting through the preparation of Annual Financial Statements in line with IFRS.

Tax Compliance: All relevant tax compliance and returns completed, submitted and paid to SARS including Income Tax, Provisional Tax, Dividend Tax, VAT, PAYE, SDL, ETI, UIF and COID

Secretarial Duties: systems and structure were put in place to ensure the company is governed in line with the requirements of the Companies Act and other relevant legislation.

Human Resources Management: systems and software were put in place for confidential employee files, job profiles, employee contracts, performance management and training.

Project Management: managing the roll out of training projects across South Africa for major corporate clients.

Policies and templates: Development of all relevant documents and policies as prescribed by the ETDP SETA.

Client Documents: Development and maintenance of Tenders, Proposals, Service Level agreements and contracts in line with RFP with clients.

Reporting: Development and structure of post training reports, client research reports and financial reports.

Personal Attributes

  • Self-starter & self-motivated
  • Strong managerial skills
  • Ability to create structure and order
  • Professional approach
  • Pays attention to detail not losing sight of the “big picture”
  • Good presentation skills
  • Strong analytic ability
  • Assertive
  • Logical in thought
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Ability to make informed and timeous decisions
  • Ability to act as part of a team
  • High level of confidentiality and integrity
  • Adaptability

Reference Letters


Membership SAICA    Membership SARS registered tax practitioner


ADPADEL DU PLESSIS Cover Letter, CV, References (2016)